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Philippine Horse Racing Information and Betting Guides

Mr. Gener0us' Daily Racing Guide

(For San Lazaro, Santa Ana & Metro Turf Races in the Philippines)

Mr. Gener0us

A GOOD DAY TO ALL! For all you Filipino horse racing enthusiasts here and abroad, I give out daily racing guides to help out on betting choices. I exact an effort to come out with the best selection possible based on inside information and from the horses' past performances.

And as always, I take into consideration to analyze the long odd entries ("dehados") with the best chance of winning for each race. These long odd entries can bring you the most satisfaction in terms of "return for the buck", and provides for a more exciting challenge for us who always cheer and support an underdog in any sport. It's quite obvious (and boring) that if all the top choices were to win the races, there won't be a need for tips and guides in this sport.

But even with all the information given out, the decision on which entry one should bet on will always be yours to make. Mine's just a guide to make things more manageable for you. As in any game of chance, LUCK always takes it's course and hopefully we find ourselves riding it. You can only trust your instincts and be confident of your choices.

Have a fine racing day my friends and always remain positive! Begin your day with cheer!!! Remember... Winning comes with Positivity and Cheers!!!

Mad Rush for the Wire!!!